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December 3rd & 4th, 2022

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Live Streaming

Amazon FBA






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My Name Is Armand Morin and I'm Going To Be Your Host For 2 Full Days of Complete Seminar

Thank you so much for finding out more information about Complete Seminar. Over the years I've conducted countless seminars online and offline. Complete Seminar is much different than anything else out there.

My idea is to give you a full seminar experience without having to leave you home. From the training by world class trainers, online networking rooms and even contests and giveaways, I know Complete Seminar will give you exactly what you want and need.

It's 100% FREE, so there's absolutely ZERO RISK, but what you'll gain by attending, is absolutely priceless. Read this page and register your seat today.

Our Speakers and Trainers Have Been Featured In...

We've Gathered Together Some of The Best In The World To Teach You

Here's Just a Brief Description of The Topics You'll Be Learning During The Three Days of the Complete Seminar


Live Streaming

Live streaming is now part of life if you are doing business online. The problem is only a small fraction of businesses are using it. The real question is how and what do you use to do it correctly.

During our event, you'll learn the best places to live stream, the tools you need to do it and the latest strategies to grow your online presence. More importantly, learn how to increase your revenue.

Amazon FBA

Selling on Amazon is something everyone wants to know about. Many people have turned away from this because they believe it's more difficult now with importing products from overseas but that's where they are wrong. 

Now is the perfect time to build your Amazon FBA business, you'll learn how to get started the fastest way possible during the Complete Seminar.


Don't Miss The Event of The Year!



It's everywhere, but it's nowhere. What do I mean? We see Shopify stores all around us, but to many, how to put it all together still remains a mystery. It doesn't have to be and that's where we'll show you how it to do it.

You'll see how to setup your Shopify store, find products you can easily market and how to start making sales immediately by driving the correct buyer traffic. You don't want to miss this session.

Conversion Strategies

Think about this... with one small tweak, you can increase your sales immediately no waiting. Think about that. Go from X to 2X overnight. Or maybe even more. Conversion strategies are what makes you more money the fastest... PERIOD.

Nothing can increase your revenue faster, then by making small simple changes that makes people take more action on your website. We'll show you how.


It's 100% FREE and We Broadcast Worldwide


Facebook Marketing

Facebook, Facebook and Facebook. With over 2 billion people using this service it most certainly has your perfect buyer but the problem is finding them. Not all Facebook advertising strategies are the same. 

During our event, you'll see the most advanced Facebook advertising strategies that exist and how you can start using them the very same day. This can change your business as fast as you can implement it.

YouTube Marketing

YouTube is by far the biggest video platform in the world. What most people don't understand is that it's also the 2nd top search engine in the world as well. If you know how to market on it properly, sales come easy. 

During our event we'll show you exactly how you can create videos, market them and drive traffic to anything you want. YouTube is here to stay but, you have to know the strategies to make it work for you.


Learn From World Class Experts Exactly How


Online Webinars

If you are not using webinars to build and market your business, you're missing out. See exactly how to start using webinars today... even if you don't have your own product. Yes, I said it. 

During the Complete Seminar, you'll see exactly how easy it is to use webinars. It's almost the perfect marketing platform since you're building a list and making sales at the same time.

No Need To Leave Home... We're Bringing The Seminar To You!

We're So Serious About Our Event... We Even Created New Technology Just For You

A Live In Person Seminar Is Not An Option... You'll Receive All The Benefits of a High Level Seminar Without Ever Leaving Home... The Training, Networking and Ideas Which You Can Only Get At Our Complete Seminar

The Experience You'll Receive Will Be Absolutely Life Changing... Don't Miss It

And Remember... This Live Training Is 100% Absolutely FREE!

In planning this event we wanted something different. I've always felt that seminars are as much about the experience as the training itself. So we searched for a platform to do what we wanted and quite honestly it didn't exist. So, we did what I really didn't want to do... we built it from the ground up.

When you see all that we have in store for you, you'll understand why we're so excited about this event, maybe even more so than you. Below are just a few of the features of our brand new platform.

We've Created All The Features of a Live Event In a Virtual Seminar

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livestreanm (1)

Live HD Quality Streaming

The main focus of Complete is to bring you the best training available and we do that through HD live streaming. Our system is 100% live designed to give you the best information in a world class fashion.

This allows you to learn and focus at a record pace.

Seating Is Limited, So Register Yours Today

Personal Profile Pages

When you register for the event, you'll be asked to setup your personal profile. Just as in a live event, networking is key to get the most out of it. This personal profile is so other attendees will know about you and how you can work together. 

Other events simply don't have this key feature.

completenetworking (1)

Live Networking Events

As we just stated, networking is key for live events. We feel the same way about virtual events. There will be times where we will have networking sessions so everyone can make the connections they need and even promote themselves. 

You don't want to miss this.

This Event Will Help You Grow Your Business

Live Community Chat

Because our system was designed with you in mind. We created a live community chat system so you can connect with all the other attendees and even discuss what was just taught. Live chat is something necessary in an online world.

Start chatting in our community today.


Personal Networking Appointments

It's almost guaranteed you'll find someone you'll want to connect with during the event. All you have to do is simply go to their profile and make an appointment to connect with them. It's that easy.

Another EXCLUSIVE of our incredible system.

Now Is The Best Time To Take Action and Grow Your Business

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2 Full Days of Straight Content

Prizes and Giveaways All Weekend

World Class Experts Teaching You

The Lastest Strategies Available Anywhere

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